Escorts, Aids and Guests

Paratransit and CityBus drivers are not attendants/caregivers. Drivers are there to safely transport passengers from origin to destination. If a passenger need assistance they are highly recommended to bring a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) when riding CityBus. Paratransit clients are permitted to bring along one PCA to assist them during their trip and provide any necessary assistance beyond the driver assistance. Santa Rosa Paratransit eligible riders whose card identifies the need for a PCA can be joined by one PCA, on both paratransit and fixed route CityBus, for no charge for the PCA.

Clients may also bring along friends and family members on a space available basis. Children four years and younger ride free, limit to three children with each paratransit eligible rider. All others traveling with the registrant must pay the full fare.

Santa Rosa Paratransit schedulers must be informed of the total number of people taking the trip when the trip is scheduled. Everyone traveling with the Paratransit client is required to travel with the registrant from the same trip origin to the same trip destination. An ADA eligible individual may not schedule a trip then send an escort or aide on a trip alone. Santa Rosa Paratransit vehicles are required to transport ADA eligible individuals.