Driver Assistance

Drivers are required to assist registrants on and off the bus and to safely secure mobility aids. If the registrant requests, drivers will escort registrants to and from the front door of the primary building upon arrival at both origin and destination with the following limitations:

  • Paratransit drivers cannot enter any interior area of a home or apartment.
  • Paratransit drivers can never lose sight of a Paratransit vehicle or leave a vehicle unsupervised with passengers aboard.
  • Drivers cannot assist passengers in wheelchairs or other mobility devices up more than one step.

The ADA does not recognize a difference between door-to-door service and curb-to-curb service. The ADA recognizes origination to destination service only. Drivers are prohibited from doing any lifting, pushing or pulling to accommodate barriers. Any barriers that might risk the health or safety of the passenger, or Santa Rosa Paratransit staff or volunteers must be removed. If safe access is not available, Santa Rosa Paratransit will provide curb service ONLY.