Late Cancellations / No-Shows

Call Santa Rosa Paratransit as soon as possible if you need to cancel your reservation. By cancelling well in advance, you help Santa Rosa Paratransit improve service to all customers. Cancellations made less than two hours in advance of a scheduled pickup time are considered a no-show.

A no-show happens when riders do not cancel a scheduled trip at least two hours in advance or are not available to board within five minutes of the vehicle’s arrival within the pickup window. Santa Rosa Paratransit will attempt to contact the passenger when a no-show occurs. Riders can avoid no-show situations when they:

  • Review times and dates with the schedulers to be sure the information is correct.
  • Call Santa Rosa Paratransit and cancel rides as soon as the ride is no longer needed.
  • Cancel at least 2 hours in advance of the scheduled pickup time.
  • Are prepared to board at the starting time of the pickup window and within 5 minutes after the bus arrives.

No-Show Policy

Santa Rosa Paratransit’s late cancellations/no-show policy is modeled in accordance with the industry standard. Its purpose is to ensure quality paratransit service. Abuse of the paratransit system affects the ability to provide paratransit services to other eligible clients.

Every time a late cancellation/no-show occurs it is recorded in the rider’s trip record. If you have more than two late cancellation/no-shows within any 30-day period, the rider’s trip record will be reviewed. If a pattern or practice of missed trips (at least two 30 day periods with more than two late cancellation/no-shows), repeated or intentional, is determined, the client will be warned (verbally and written/email). Continued violations may result in suspension of Santa Rosa Paratransit service (at least three 30 day periods with more than two late cancellation/no-shows). If a rider in on subscription service, the above process may be followed, resulting in removal from subscription service, but the rider may retain the ability to schedule individual trips.

When there are circumstances outside the rider’s control, it is not considered a no-show. If, for some reason, Santa Rosa Paratransit arrives after your 30-minute pickup window and you have made other arrangements or cancelled your ride, it is not considered a no-show.