Mobility Aids and Devices

Mobility aids and devices that cannot be safely secured with Santa Rosa Paratransit tie downs, or that are not safe to carry on the lift, will not be allowed on Santa Rosa Paratransit vehicles. If using a scooter, it is strongly encouraged that you transfer to a seat if possible. If a rider needs assistance with transferring from a scooter or wheelchair to a seat, it is strongly encouraged that he/she bring along an aide/escort to perform this service. Passengers using mobility devices are required to use the provided lap belts. It is strongly recommended that the shoulder belts be used as well.

How Big Can My Wheelchair or Scooter Be?

When purchasing a new wheelchair or scooter, clients should be sure if it will fit on Santa Rosa Paratransit vehicles.
• Maximum Size: 48 inches long and 30 inches’ wide
• Maximum Weight: 600 pounds (including passenger)

Any wheelchair larger than this is considered oversized. Under ADA guidelines, Paratransit vehicles and equipment are designed to carry common wheelchairs which fit within these dimensions. A common wheelchair is defined as any three or four wheeled mobility devices up to 48 inches long by 30 inches wide and weighing no more than 600 pounds (including passenger).

wheelchair dimensions

Seat Belts

All passengers must properly secure their seat belts