Renewal / Recertification

All paratransit riders will need to renew their eligibility at least every three years. The City of Santa Rosa will contact you to renew your paratransit eligibility if you currently have “permanent” status. If you have not been contacted, please feel free to call us at: (707) 543-3333 or TTY Relay: 711 or email [email protected].

Permanent Registrants:

The City of Santa Rosa will send out a renewal letter to all persons with “permanent” status, whether their eligibility is for conditional, trip by trip or full/unrestricted trips.

Temporary Registrants:

All temporarily eligible paratransit users will need to complete a new APPLICATION FOR ADA PARATRANSIT SERVICES WITHIN SONOMA COUNTY (ENGLISH OR SPANISH).  Temporarily eligible paratransit users will not be automatically contacted by the City of Santa Rosa to renew their eligibility.