Workforce Development

Trade occupations are critical to the community.  These are the people who build our homes, which we're in need of right now.

California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association

A union apprenticeship is an excellent career choice if you like to work with your hands; are willing to serve an apprenticeship for up to five years, depending on the trade you select; have dexterity, mechanical ability, problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively with a team; want to earn a living wage and good benefits; and want the opportunity to advance in your career.  More info.

The Lime Foundation

Roofing & Construction Vocational Program (NextGen Trades Academy)

Now offered through the NextGen Trades Academy – trains men and women in construction fields like roofing, solar, general contracting and more. The program also offers home repair services, specifically roofing, to the under-served. This allows seniors, veterans, the disabled and low-income families to remain in their own homes, independent and safe.  More info.

Redwood Empire Joint Apprentice Training Center

Inside Electrical Apprenticeship

A five-year training program that consists of eight thousand hours of on-the-job training in addition to nine-hundred hours of classroom instruction held two separate weeks in the Fall semester and two separate weeks in the Spring semester, as well as 24 hours of "Study Hall". Apprentices are paid while they work and learn. More info.

Sound and Communication Apprenticeship

A three-year program that consists of six thousand hours of on-the-job training in addition to six hundred hours of related classroom instruction held one evening per week. More info.

Santa Rosa Junior College - Career & Technical Education Apprenticeships

Electrician's Apprenticeship Program

The electrician's apprenticeship program is a five-year training program that consists of eight thousand hours of on-the-job training in addition to nine hundred hours of classroom instruction. More info.

Plumber's Apprenticeship Program

Local 38's apprenticeship program is comprised of plumbing, steam fitting and refrigeration sections with two regional training facilities, the Joseph P. Mazzola Training Centers in San Francisco and Santa Rosa. More info.

Roofer's Apprenticeship Program

Roofing has become increasingly technical and demanding.  Skilled workers are sought after and command competitive wages and job security. The IRCC’s apprenticeship program for roofers helps you develop those skills, combining classroom instruction with hands-on field exercises and a variety of audio-visual aids. More info.