Personal Cannabis Cultivation

Indoor, mixed light (greenhouse) and outdoor personal cultivation is allowed in the City of Santa Rosa - see Zoning Code Section 20-46.030 (Personal Cannabis Cultivation). Guidelines for maximum limits are as follows:

Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Maximum Limitation:

  • The maximum limit is six (6) mature plants per a primary residence. 
  • Max limit is to be maintained regardless of the number of residents, the reason for the cultivation (medical or adult use, personal or caregiver).  The presence of an accessory or junior accessory dwelling unit does not allow for additional plants.

Outdoor Cultivation:

  • Outdoor cultivation is limited no more than two (2) mature plants.
  • Plants shall not be located in a front or street side yard, unless fully screened from public view.
  • Prohibited on parcels located adjacent to a school property; “School” as defined by the Health & Safety Code Section 11362.768.

Odor control:

  • Structures used for cultivation shall be equipped with odor control filtration and ventilation systems such that the odors of cannabis cannot be detected from outside of the structure.


  • All enclosures and structures used for cannabis cultivation shall have security measures sufficient to prevent access by children or other unauthorized persons.