Cannabis Industry Taxes, Reports, and Background

On June 6, 2017, the voters of Santa Rosa approved Measure D, implementing a Cannabis Business Tax for the City of Santa Rosa.  


The tax ordinance adopted by the City authorizes a cannabis business tax in the City of Santa Rosa on cultivation up to $25 per square foot (annually adjusted by CPI) or 8% of gross receipts, and on other cannabis businesses up to 8% of gross receipts, to maintain financial stability for city services such as addressing cannabis industry impacts, public safety, affordable housing, and youth programs.            

Tax Rates (set by Council Resolution 2017-035)     

 Cultivation2% of gross receipts or $5.00 per square foot.
 Manufacturing1% of gross receipts
 Retail (Dispensary) Medical0% 
 Retail (Dispensary) Adult Use3%

Tax Schedules

Quarter Dates of QuarterTax Due By
1stJanuary 1 - March 31April 30
2ndApril 1 - June 30July 31
3rdJuly 1 - September 30October 31
4thOctober 1 - December 31January 31

Tax Forms 

Background Information on the Cannabis Business Tax and Measure D