Housing Action Plan Elements:  Status Update

Below is a link to a Status Update for the Housing Action Plan.  The Housing Action Plan consists of 5 Programs with 31 elements.   The implementation of the 31 elements have been broken down into 3 groups:  

  1. Group 1: Active -  those that are currently being worked on
  2. Group 2: FY17/18 - projects that have been funded and scheduled to be worked on this FY
  3. Group 3: Pending - elements that have not received funding to date and have not started

As work progresses on the various program elements, use the menu on the left to find more information on status, public feedback options and documents to review. 


Group 1: Active

Action ItemAnticipated Completion
1bRevise HAP to require inclusionary for-sale housingDec-17
1dAmend density bonus to allow increased affordability, densityOct-17
2bAmend Accessory Dwelling /Junior Unit ordinance  Aug-17
3aAssure public projects include 15% to low income householdsOngoing
3bIdentify City (and other public) parcels suitable for housing, and establish process for developmentSep-17
4aComplete housing opportunity site (private) identification and assessmentSep-17
4eDefine processing timelines in compliance with state requirements (PIAP)Mar-17
4gStreamline design review process (PIAP)Oct-17
4hCreate integrated service counter (PIAP)COMPLETE
4jStreamline plan check and site review (PIAP)Oct-17
4kEvaluate Financing Districts to fund infrastructure supporting housingOngoing
5aSustain homeless service programsMulti-year
5bProvide funding to support very low and low income housingMulti-year
5dInvestigate potential for developer and landlord partnershipsannual
5eConsider GO bond measure to support affordable housingDec-17
5gEstablish Housing Incentive FundCOMPLETE

Group 2: FY 16/17

Action Item
Anticipated Completion
1aIncrease/simplify housing impact fee for rental unitsDec-17
1cDevelop criteria for offering financial incentives for inclusionary unitsOct-17
1eConduct Commercial Linkage Fee studyDec-17
2aSimplify definition of qualifying units; research appropriate sizeDec-17
2cConsider revision of single room occupancy standardsDec-17
2dCreate pilot program for modular housing for moderate householdsDec-17
4bInitiate zoning and other changes intended to maximize housing production potential on opportunity sitesJan-18
4cComplete infrastructure improvement programs for the Specific Plan areas and commercial corridors with housing potential and opportunity sites as part of the CIP priority processongoing
4iOptimize electronic plan review and on-line permitting (PIAP)Jul-18
5fConsider non-discrimination ordinance for voucher holdersDec-17

Group 3: Pending

Action ItemAnticipated Completion
3cFund and implement land banking programpending
3dEvaluate rights-of-way for offer to adjoining propertiespending
4dAddress critical habitat mitigation requirements (HCP)pending
4fAmend hillside development standards to add flexibility (PIAP)pending
5cCreate pilot program to determine feasibility of acquiring affordability contractspending