Housing Action Plan Report

This Housing Action Plan has been prepared to address the City’s ongoing unmet housing needs and to implement the City’s General Plan Housing Element.  

CLICK HERE for the Housing Action Plan, dated October 11, 2016.

Santa Rosa Housing Series

This series of City Council meetings is designed to provide information on actions and opportunities specific to housing development, from the review process to funding.  The outcome of these meetings resulted in the Housing Action Plan above.

FEBRUARY 23, 2016

Agenda & Summary Report

#1: Funding Resources for Housing: What revenues can be redirected for housing projects
#2: Process Improvement Action Plan: Process improvements specific to the development review process

APRIL 19, 2016

Agenda & Summary Report

#3: Assessment of Santa Rosa by Brokers, Builders, Employers: Result of outreach seeking input that could spur development #4: Alternative Housing Programs: Alternatives to expand affordable housing through existing market rate units

JUNE 7, 2016

Agenda & Summary Report

#5: Housing Action Plan: Actions to address the City's ongoing unmet housing needs and to implement the City's General Plan Housing Element

NOVEMBER 1, 2016

#6: Housing as Economic Development: Housing Program Actions Completed or Underway, Prioritized Housing Action Plan Implementation Work Plan, Housing Incentive Fund Pilot Program