Housing Activity/Construction Reports and Updates

2017 New Housing Construction Activity Report

The New Housing Construction Activity Report (PDF) shows that there are currently 251 housing units under construction in the City of Santa Rosa.  In addition, 80 are approved for construction but have not yet started for a variety of reasons by the contractor.

The report also shows that there are currently 845 units that have building permits submitted.   Of these, about half are with the developer working through mitigation, finance and other issues.  The other half are being prioritized by staff for review to move as many as possible into construction this construction season.     We anticipate approximately 100 of these units being ready for construction in the next month.  The timing on the remainder units depend on multiple factors including staffing/consultant review capacity, applicant timeliness, and resolution with outside agencies (CORP, Regional Board, etc.). 

New Housing Construction Activity Report

2016 Housing Report

In 2016, a major effort was made to create an environment where the City could enable development of the housing stock needed to address the current housing crisis. The Planning and Economic Development Department released the results in the Housing Year End Report 2016 (PDF).

Housing Report Results

2016 General Plan and Housing Element Update

Each year the Annual Review 2016 (PDF) report is developed to assist citizens and City Council in understanding the status of the General Plan and the progress in its implementation towards achieving the General Plan goals.

2016 Housing Element Update Cover