Density Bonus

City of Santa Rosa Density Bonus Ordinance Update

On January 8, 2019, the City Council approved an update to the City's Density Bonus Ordinance. The adopted ordinance amended Chapter 20-31, Density Bonus and Other Developer Incentives. 

Consistent with State density bonus law (California Government Code Section 65915) the amended ordinance continues to allow any multi-family project in the City, with 5 or more units, which includes affordable housing, to earn a density bonus up to 35% above the residential density limit set by the General Plan land use designation. 

The updated ordinance goes further by adding a supplemental density bonus within the City’s Downtown Station Area Specific Plan and North Santa Rosa Station Area Specific Plan boundaries (see map below). Residential projects within these areas may qualify for a supplemental density bonus up to 100% above the General Plan residential density limit depending on the project site’s General Plan land use designation, its proximity to transit and schools, and its location within a housing opportunity site or a historic preservation district. With limited exceptions, no supplemental density bonus is allowed in the City’s historic preservation areas. 

Finally, a density bonus project may also qualify for up to three incentives/concessions from Zoning Code regulations when they result in actual reduction in the cost of constructing affordable housing unless they are found to adversely impact the environment, create a public or safety risk, or damage historic resources. 

Current Density Bonus Ordinance

Supplemental Density Bonus Location Map

Supplemental Density Bonus Applicability Map

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Bonus Worksheet

Complete this worksheet to determine the FAR Bonus for a project within the Downtown Station Area Specific Plan area which includes affordable units and/or a childcare facility.