Recycled Water Users Guide

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Recycled Water Users Guide

All sites using recycled water must designate a site supervisor. The site supervisor is a person designated by the recycled water customer as the person responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of the on-site recycled water system, ensuring that the rules and regulations are followed, preventing violations, and for communicating with the City of Santa Rosa regarding recycled water use. The site supervisor represents the owner, tenant or property manager as a liaison with the City of Santa Rosa and must be available at all times.

All persons designated as site supervisors for a site using recycled water must attend a Site Supervisor Certification Training that is provided by the City of Santa Rosa, within the first 90 days of receiving recycled water service.

Who can be a site supervisor?

Any person who has the authority to carry out all the rules, regulations and requirements for recycled water use,  has the authority to operate and maintain the on-site recycled water system, and has the authority to represent the owner, tenant or property manager in dealings with the City of Santa Rosa can be a site supervisor.  It is recommended that the site supervisor be an employee who is permanently stationed at the use site.

What if the site supervisor changes?

If the property is transferred to a new owner or tenant, or a new site supervisor or landscape maintenance professional becomes responsible for system maintenance, the User must notify the City of Santa Rosa within 30 days in order to be in compliance with the conditions of their Permit and must attend the next available Site Supervisor Certification Training.

Site Supervisor Resources

  1. Annual Self Inspection Report  
    1. Online Form
    2. PDF Form (print or mail) 
  2. Emergency Procedures
  3. Recycled Water Users Guide
  4. Site Supervisor Responsibilities
Site Supervisor Training

The City has opened up registration for it's Annual Recycled Water SIte Supervisor Certification Training. This training is a live virtual training where participants will have the opportunity to engage in training activities and ask questions. During the training we will review the rules, regulations, and requirements for recycled water use in the City of Santa Rosa.  If you are unable to attend this virtual training the City is also offering a self-certification course that you can complete at your own pace.

Virtual Site Supervisor Training

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023

Time: 8:00 A.M-12:00 P.M.

Location: Online Training

Register Here

*A confirmation email with login instructions will be provided upon registration

Site Supervisor  Self Training

Welcome to the Recycled Water Site Supervisor self-certification course. The course is a FREE tool available to anyone interested in becoming a Certified Site Supervisor for a site that uses recycled water from the City of Santa Rosa for landscape or agricultural irrigation. The course consists of watching the recorded video and taking a final exam. You can work through the self-study course and exam at your own pace.

The Self- Certification course includes:

  • Watching a pre-recorded video 
  • Completing and submitting the online Final Exam

The City will review exams as they are submitted (typically within 10 business days) and either email a Site Supervisor Certificate or provide more direction if a certificate can’t be issued based on the exam results.

The Course Outline includes:

  • City of Santa Rosa Water Supply and Recycled Water System Overview
  • Recycled Water Rules and Regulations and Operation and Maintenance Requirements
  • Site Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties
  • Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention

Recycled Water Site Supervisor Self-Certification Course:

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Note: Santa Rosa’s Site Supervisor Certification is valid for sites using recycled water produced by the City of Santa Rosa. Some Regional Water Quality Control Boards accept the City of Santa Rosa’s Certification program for Site Supervisors using recycled water produced by other providers.  Be sure to check in with the Regional Water Quality Control Board for your region to determine whether the City’s Certification course meets their requirements.

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