Rate Changes Effective January 1, 2018

To make parking easy and convenient throughout downtown, the City is making changes to parking rates to free up spaces in the busiest, most desirable areas of downtown, and provide more choices to parkers.

Effective January 1, 2018, the City has established two pricing zones for metered parking to improve access to parking spaces:

  • PREMIUM PARKING – For those who want the convenience of a space in the highest demand areas of downtown, the Premium spaces have a 3-hour time limit and are $1.50/hour.
  • VALUE PARKING – Offers lower hourly rates and longer time limits in the periphery of the core downtown.
  1. Premium Meters
  2. Value Meters
  3. Premium Lots
  4. Value Lots
  5. Garages
Meter Premium Sign
Hours of Enforcement10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Time Limit3 hours
On street meters in the premium zone are in the highest demand parking areas of downtown and Railroad Square.  Park close to the main shopping/dining areas with a 3 hour time limit

85% Occupancy

The Parking Division's goal is to set the lowest possible price to achieve 85% occupancy in the Premium and Value Zones.  An occupancy rate of 85% means each block has a couple of open spaces at any given time, giving parkers the choice to park close and pay a bit more, or park a few blocks away and save some money.  Occupancy data is collected and twice per year is evaluated to determine if price adjustments are needed to achieve 85% occupancy rate at peak times.


Artstart "has made a significant impact in our community by creating over 150 benches, 34 murals and many installations. We work in a partnership with governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, large corporations and small businesses. We provide inspiration to young artists and create a sense of ownership and pride in our community." The Parking Division is proud to display artwork throughout our facilities.

ArtStart collage of wall art in parking garages