Commercial Loading Zone
The City of Santa Rosa issues Commercial Loading Zone Permits that allow businesses which use personal or non-commercial vehicles to park in designated commercial loading zones while actively loading or unloading freight, subject to the posted time limit.

If you are employed downtown and need daily parking, a parking permit can be a cost effective option.

Surface Parking Lots
Monthly lot permits are available for purchase at 5 lots and allow permit holders to park without having to purchase a daily parking receipt.

Low Wage Employee Parking
The Low Wage Employee Permit offers a 50% discount on monthly permits in Garage 1 (521 7th St.) and Garage 12 (555 1st St.).  

A residential parking program was enacted by City Council in order to protect and promote the integrity of designated neighborhoods. Residents living in established Residential Parking Permit Zones can apply for permits that allow them to park on the street for up to 72 hours, and are exempt from posted time restrictions.