Parking Garages

For worry free parking, use any of the five parking garages conveniently located throughout downtown. Not only are the garages clean, well-lit and secure, but they are cheaper than surrounding metered parking and you avoid the risk of receiving a citation for exceeding your time limit. Park in the 7th Street Garage (521 Seventh St) or the 1st Street Garage (555 First St) and get the first hour of parking free!  The hourly rate is $0.50/hr thereafter.

Parking personnel are available 24-hours per day to answer questions, assist with pay-on-foot transactions, and perform security patrols of the facilities. Personnel can be identified by their bright green vests or jackets, or can be contacted by pushing the assistance button located on the pay-on-foot machines or panels in the entrance and exit lanes.

Free Parking
All garages are free to park in on City Holidays, which are:

New Year’s DayMartin Luther King DayPresidents Day
Memorial DayIndependence DayLabor Day
Veteran’s DayThanksgivingChristmas

Additionally, each Sunday from 3AM-Midnight, the 5th Street Garage and the D Street Garage offer free parking.


If you are employed downtown and need daily parking, a parking permit can be a cost effective option. There are a limited number of monthly permits offered in each of the garages subject to space availability. Call 543-3325 for availability.

The City also offers a discounted Low Wage Employee Parking Permit and a discounted Commuter Permit.

7th Street Garage1st Street Garage
5th Street GarageD Street Garage
3rd Street Garage
PriceFirst Hour Free.
Then $0.50/hr
Free on Sundays

Maximum Day Rate$6.00$8.00$10.00
Monthly Permit$62.00
$70.00 - Garage 3
$95.00 - Garage 9
Discount Low Wage Employee Permit$31.00n/an/a
Discount Commuter Permit
$31.00 (Garage 12 only)n/an/a

Park Smart Safety Tips

  • Lock your vehicles doors and windows
  • Remove valuables from your car
  • Remove all electronic adapters and cords
  • Park in well-lit, well-traveled areas
  • If you have an alarm system, activate it
  • Report any suspicious activity to the police or parking attendant