Fees, Permit & Inspection FAQ


All plan check and permit fees (except mobile home set-up and alterations) are based on the value of the project. The project total is the value of all the construction that the permit is issued for. This includes all finish work, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevators, fire extinguishing systems, any other permanent work or permanent equipment, normal site preparation and paving. It does not include the cost of the land.

Types of Fees Which Are Not All Inclusive

Fees Due When Filing Application
When applying for a Building Permit, you will need to pay an application processing fee and a plan review fee. If your project needs additional planning approvals an additional fee for that service will be required as well. 

Fees Due When Permit is Issued
When the permit is issued you must pay a Building Permit fee and Development fees. Development fees will be charged for each new residential unit and for new or expanded commercial construction. Development fees will be charged for new residential and new or expanded commercial projects. Residential projects will also be charged park fees. Commercial projects may also be subject to Public Art in-lieu fee.

Change in Time for Collection of Development Impact Fees

Before obtaining your building permits, you must pay any required sewer and water hookup fees and encroachment permit fees. You also will be required to pay school impact fees to the affected school district.

Issuance of the Building Permit

When your plans are checked and approved and you have met any related conditions of approval, your permit is ready to be issued. You will be contacted to come to the office, pay the remaining fees, and pick up your permit. An owner-builder must sign the form in person. Contractors may authorize an employee to sign building permits. This authorization must be given in writing.

If the owner or contractor intends to hire anyone to work on the project, she/he must provide evidence of Workers' Compensation Insurance. Contractors must present evidence of a current contractor's license (pocket card) and must have a current City of Santa Rosa business license at the time of permit issuance. An approved copy of the plans must be kept at the job site.

Time Limits

You must pick up your permit within one year from the date you applied for it. You may submit a written request for a one time extension of up to 180 days. If this period ends without your picking up your permit, you will lose your plan check fee and need to reapply. After the permit has been issued, you have 365 calendar days from the date it was issued to start work on your building and call for an inspection by the Building Division. You may submit a written request for an extension on the building permit deadline before the 180th day.


At each stage of construction you will be required to request an inspection by the Building Division. The Building Division requires advance notice for all inspections. Inspections can be requested for either morning or afternoon. Specific times of the day cannot be scheduled. The types of inspection required and the methods for requesting an inspection are provided within your copy of the Building Permit.


After a permit has been issued, any changes to the plans must be approved by the Building Division. Two sets of the proposed changes must be prepared by the architect, engineer or plan preparer and brought in for our review. A fee may be charged for the review and approval of the plan change.