Community Police Experience

Intent of the Program

The Community Police Experience (CPE) is designed to enhance relationships by familiarizing participants with the Santa Rosa Police Department, its policies, and practices.

The intent of CPE is not to train individuals to become police officers, but to show participants first-hand the daily responsibilities and expectations of the occupation of police officers and other department employees.
Police Officer standing outside in front of group of people talking

What Participants Learn

Police staff, who possess a wide variety of skills, training and experience, provide the instruction. Participants ask questions, discuss issues, view demonstrations, and experience a variety of the same training drills officers complete in order to perform their myriad of duties. Participants will also have an opportunity to experience a ride-along and sit-along with SRPD Officers and Dispatchers. Participants learn about:
  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Firearms Safety and Training
  • Hostage Negotiation Team
  • Narcotics Operations
  • Neighborhood Oriented Policing
  • Patrol Policies and Procedures

After Completion

It is desired that upon completion of CPE, participants will have a clearer understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and community interaction expected from department personnel and will share their knowledge with others in the community.