Online Permitting System

Only licensed contractors may obtain Building permits using the online permitting system through the Accela Citizen Access Online Permitting System. 

Permitting Information

All permits issued by the City of Santa Rosa are available for permit status research. Licensed contractors must complete a registration process with the Building and Code Compliance Division prior to being able to request online permits. A State contractor's license, worker's compensation insurance and a City Business Tax Certificate must be current and are required in order to be registered for the service. if you have questions about the using the online permitting system, please email [email protected]  

Type of Permits

The types of Building permits that are available for issuance online are:
  • Basic Electrical (includes service replacement, electrical outlets and switches)
  • Basic Plumbing (includes water heater replacement and sewer and water line replacement that are not in the public right-of-way)
  • Basic Mechanical (includes wall heaters and rooftop furnaces that do not require Design Review or plan check)
  • Residential re-roof building permits that do not require plan check or design review

Accela Online System

Access the Accela Citizen Access Online Permitting System
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