Disabled Person Parking

According to the California Vehicle Code, Section 22511.5 (a)(1): A disabled person (DP) or disabled veteran (DV) displaying special license plates issued under Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued under Section 22511.55 or 22511.59 is allowed to park for any amount of time (not to exceed 72 hours) in any of the following zones:

  • In parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol)
  • Next to a blue curb authorized for handicapped parking
  • Next to “limited time” green curbs
  • For free at any on-street metered parking space
  • In an area that indicates it requires a resident or merchant permit
  • At any on-street location with posted time limit zones

Vehicles displaying a disabled person parking placard may not park:

  • In the crosshatched pattern located next to a space displaying the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol). The crosshatched sections of these spaces are for wheelchair and wheelchair lift access.
  • Next to red curbs, which indicate no stopping, standing or parking.
  • Next to yellow curbs, which are for commercial vehicles to load and unload passengers or freight.
  • Next to white curbs, which are for loading and unloading passengers, or depositing mail in an adjacent mailbox.

Garages & Surface Lots (Off-Street Parking): California Vehicle Code privileges for free parking with DP or DV placards and license plates only apply to on-street parking. 

Residential Permit Parking: Vehicles with DP or DV placards or plates are not required to display a Residential Parking Permit when parking in a permit area. However, vehicles may not park at any zones where state law or local ordinances absolutely prohibit stopping, parking or standing of any vehicles. Vehicles with DP or DV placards also must abide by posted signage reflecting days and hours when parking is restricted for city services (i.e. street sweeping).

72-hour parking limit: Vehicles are not allowed to park on the street, alley, public garages, or surface lots in the same location, for more than 72 hours per Santa Rosa City Codes 11-20.100 & 11-24.060.

More information about Disabled Person and Disabled Veteran parking may be found by visiting the California Department of Motor Vehicles.