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Post-fire Water Quality Investigation Updates

Santa Rosa Water's number one priority is safely restoring water service to the fire damaged portion of the water system in Fountaingrove.

Upcoming Community Meetings

To share the latest data and our pathway towards lifting the water quality advisory, Santa Rosa Water will host community meetings in September. 

Special Meeting of the City Council 

Friday, September 7, 2018
10:00 a.m.
Santa Rosa City Council Chambers 
100 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa 

For the meeting agenda or to watch the meeting online click here.

Santa Rosa Water is also scheduling an additional public meeting in mid-September and will provide information on the date and time when this meeting is scheduled.

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Joint BPU and City Council Meeting Video:

Fountaingrove Drinking Water Advisory 

On November 10, 2017, Santa Rosa Water issued a drinking water advisory for 13 homes in the Fountaingrove area. This advisory went into effect after benzene and other contaminants were detected in  the drinking water system. The advisory remains in place until further notice.

Residents in the advisory area are advised to:
  • Do not consume tap water (this includes drinking, cooking, and brushing teeth) 
  • Do not allow pets to consume tap water
  • Limit use of hot water 
  • Limit shower time (use lukewarm water and ventilate area) 
  • Use a dishwasher to wash dishes and use air dry setting Wash clothing in cold water
  • Do not take baths 
  • Do not use hot tubs or swimming pools
FAQs Fountaingrove water quality advisory

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Fountaingrove Water Quality Advisory Area Map

Pathway Towards Safely Restoring Water Service

Through our intensive investigation, the data shows the highest levels of contamination is in water services, which deliver water from the water main in the street to your water meter.

We are optimistic, based on the data, that removing contaminated water services will help us to identify whether water service line replacement resolves the issue, if additional targeted repair is needed, or if full replacement of the water system is necessary. By taking this phased approach, we may be able to restore water service sooner and reduce disruption of rebuilding/construction activities.

Next steps include:

1. Replacing water services to all 352 properties in the advisory area.

2. Installing activated carbon water filtration systems, if needed and as necessary, for re-occupancy.

3. Reconnecting the water system in the Fountaingrove area to monitor the system under “normal operations.”

Investigation Shows Promise by Replacing Damaged Water Service Lines 

The City has begun the process of replacing fire damaged water services in June 2018. Replacement of contaminated water service lines is a Capital Improvement Project (CIP) managed by Transportation & Public Works. 

To view details about the project, including construction updates, schedule, and a map identifying the service lines to be replaced and the status of their replacement, please visit:

Notices will be posted on the CIP page one week in advance of construction work occurring in any area for this project.

For questions about service line replacement, please contact Jillian Tilles, Associate Civil Engineer, at 707-543-3878 or jtilles@srcity.org.

Monitoring Water Quality 


Since the fires, Santa Rosa Water has increased water quality sampling beyond that required by regulatory requirements and continues to closely monitor the entire water system.

Outside of the water quality advisory area, water being supplied to homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses meets all drinking water standards.
The below map shows post-fire drinking water quality sampling data and investigative sample results.

Post-fire Water Quality Investigation Map

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Legend for water quality sampling data map


EF9A9471For water quality questions, please call 707-543-3965 or email waterquality@srcity.org. Our office hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday and 8am to 4pm every other Friday.

For information on the rebuilding process and permits, please contact the Resilient City Permit Center at 707-543-4649 or via email at rebuild@srcity.org. The permit center is located at 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 6, Santa Rosa, 95404 and is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm. You can also visit srcity.org/rebuild for additional information. 

For information on connecting to water and sewer service, please contact Water Engineering Services: call 707-543-3959 or 707-543-4613, email WaterEng@srcity.org

Letter (PDF): Occupancy and Reconnecting to Water Service in the Fountaingrove Water Quality Advisory Area  

Technical Memorandum