Payment Plans

The City of Santa Rosa offers a payment plan for registered owners that meet certain eligibility requirements pursuant to Assembly Bill 503.   The below table explains the different options available.  The Request for Parking Citation Payment Plan is linked at the bottom of this page.

Low Income Plan
Standard Plan
Deadline to Apply
Within 120 days of citation issuance or 10 days after administrative hearing determination, whichever is later.  
Before vehicle is placed on DMV hold
Processing Fee
$5, to be paid at time of application or added to the payment plan amount, at the discretion of the registered owner
$25, to be paid at the time of application
Repayment Timeline
Up to 24 months
Up to 4 months when $500 or less is owed
Up to 6 months when more than $500 is owed
Minimum Payment/Month
Late Application Penalty
$5; one-time exception
Fee Reduction
Eligible to Apply
Must meet one of these two conditions:
  • Monthly income is 125% or less of federal poverty level
  • Receive public benefits from a list of federal and state programs

Payment Plan Forms