Field & Evidence Technicians


Photo of our FET staffPolice Field and Evidence Technicians (FETs) play an important role in the Santa Rosa Police Department. Although Police FETs are unarmed civilian employees, they perform many of the same duties as Santa Rosa Police Officers. 

Police FETs are highly trained in their duties and are able to give focused attention to crime scenes because of their specialized training and equipment. They are assigned specially equipped marked vehicles and are dispatched to calls in the same manner as Police Officers. Police FETs are not dispatched to calls where the potential for a violent confrontation exists. 

Police FETs are highly qualified, hardworking individuals who perform a very important and challenging role within the Santa Rosa Police Department. Because they handle traffic accidents and "cold" crime reports, they keep Police Officers free to patrol neighborhoods and handle emergency calls.


Some of the Field and Evidence Technician duties include:

  • Crime reports where the suspect is not present nor is arrest imminent
  • Crime scene processing for all types of crimes, including murder and assaults
  • Traffic accident reports
  • Traffic control
  • Vehicle abatement

Grant-Funded Positions & Special Assignments

Police Field and Evidence Technicians may also work in grant-funded positions or special assignments. These may include:

  • Abandoned vehicle abatement
  • Crime prevention
  • DUI education
  • Sonoma County Auto Theft Task Force