Restore S.R. City Parks

The October 2017 firestorm damaged approximately 75 acres within 10 Santa Rosa City park sites. Damage was sustained within community parks, neighborhood parks, open space and landscape areas. Six of the 10 parks sustained severe damage and one, Coffey Neighborhood Park, was destroyed. The estimated cost to restore the City’s fire-damaged parks is upwards of $16-million. Insurance payments and federal and state disaster funding are expected to cover only a portion of these costs. A gap of $6-million or more is likely.

Donations to Help Rebuild - Santa Rosa Parks Foundation

The Santa Rosa Parks Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, is working with Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks to raise funds and serve as the point of contact for community donations to help rebuild Santa Rosa’s fire damaged City parks.

To contact the Parks Foundation and/or to donate now, visit

Rebuild/Restoration Process

The Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department and Transportation & Public Works Department are responsible for all park rebuild and restoration projects in accordance with City policies and with input from neighbors and community stakeholders. 

For park design and planning, including community outreach on the Master Plan for Coffey Neighborhood Park, visit

For on-going debris removal and construction in Santa Rosa’s fire-impacted parks, go to:

Overview of Fire Damage to City Parks

Parks with Significant Structural Damage

Coffey Neighborhood Park - Reopened October 28, 2020
5.85 acres burned of 5.85, including all landscape, irrigation, electrical, two playgrounds, picnic areas, monument sign, fence, turf and partial pathways. 

Rincon Ridge Neighborhood Park
.58 acres burned of 1.83, with damage to landscape areas, irrigation, electrical, play equipment and benches.

Fir Ridge Neighborhood Park
.86 acres burned of 1.06, including damage to landscape and turf, irrigation, electrical, play equipment, fencing and the retaining wall.

Francis Nielsen Ranch Park
3.87 acres burned of 6.04, with damage to landscape areas, irrigation, electrical and total loss of the pedestrian bridge.

Nagasawa Community Park
21 of 33 acres burned. Damage was sustained to the natural area, irrigation, electrical, parking lot lighting and fencing.

Rincon Ridge Open Space
9.69 acres burned of 10.2. Damage was sustained to the landscape areas, including to the special ceanothus plant species, and fencing.

Parker Hill Open Space
4.20 acres burned of 4.27, including landscape and natural areas

Additional Park Sites Damage

Howarth Park
Less than one acre burned of the park’s 138 acres, with damage primarily in the Sullivan Ridge trail area.

Francis Nielsen Open Space
7.5 acres burned of 7.9 acres, including natural areas and landscape areas.

Thomas Lake Harris Open Space
5.9 acres burned of 6.2, including landscape and natural areas.

Landscape Areas

14.43 acres burned, including irrigated and non-irrigated areas, electrical, irrigation, and common walls.


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