Travel Time

Complementary paratransit is a shared public transportation service for persons living with a disability. A maximum onboard travel time parameter is defined in accordance with ADA regulations. The City of Santa Rosa paratransit actively works to ensure there is not a pattern or proactive of excessively long trips, due to the fact that it would discourage and impact paratransit riders. It is important to understand that “excessive” is in comparison to the time required to make a similar trip using the fixed route system (including walking time to bus stop, waiting time, fixed route travel time, transfer time and walking time to final destination); while a 1-hour travel time for a 4-mile complementary paratransit trip may seem excessive in the abstract, if the same trip takes an hour using the fixed route system, it is comparable, not excessive. Complementary paratransit service is by nature a shared-ride service. The standard of service is not intended to reflect that of a taxi service.