SB1 Transportation Infrastructure Projects

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​California Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 will fund critical transportation infrastructure projects throughout our state. SB1 is funded through gas/diesel taxes and a new annual vehicle fee. The City of Santa Rosa Transportation and Public Works have identified important backlogged street/road repairs that will rehabilitate failing pavement and enhance bicycle and pedestrian travel for Santa Rosa residents. 

The League of California City's has estimated that Santa Rosa will receive a total of $2,935,933 for FY 2018-2019. ​​ The City anticipates that SB1 will generate $3.9 million in additional road maintenance funds once fully implemented. Even with this new funding, we are still left with a shortfall of approximately $10 million annually.

The City of Santa Rosa has a $1.1 billion dollar / 509 mile street system, with streets varying from two-lane (residential) streets to six-lane (arterial) streets. With an average annual maintenance budget of approximately $5.4 million dollars, Santa Rosa’s roadway Pavement Condition Index (PCI) has steadily declined to 60, at the line between “good” and “fair” condition, with the Bay Area average PCI being 66 or “good”. Recent evaluation with our pavement management program has concluded that we should be spending at least $18 million per year just to maintain the existing pavement conditions at 60.

SB1 Funded Projects - Active

  • Fulton Road between Guerneville Road and Piner Road. Widen to four lanes (construction start 2022/23)* - District 6
  • Sonoma Avenue from E Street to Bobelaine Lane. Pavement rehabilitation project (construction start 2022/23)* - District 2
  • Santa Rosa Avenue Corridor Plan Implementation. Pavement rehabilitation project (construction start 2022/23) - District 5
  • Hearn Avenue Overcrossing. Reconstruction project (construction start 2023/24) - District 1
  • Calistoga Road from Montecito Avenue to Highway 12. Pavement rehabilitation project (construction start 2024/25)* - District 3
  • Colgan Avenue from Santa Rosa Avenue to Petaluma Hill Road. Reconstruction project (construction start 2025/26)* - District 1
  • Piner Road from Marlow Road to Cleveland Avenue. Reconstruction project (construction start 2026/27)* - District 6

SB1 Funded Projects - Completed

  • Fulton Road from West Third Street to Occidental Road. Pavement rehabilitation project (2018/19) - District 7 - Complete
  • Hearn Avenue SMART multi-use path crossing. Signalized Crosswalk (2020/21) - District 1 - Complete
  • Piner Road between Coffey Lane and Range Avenue. Bicycle gap closure (2019/20) - District 6 - Complete
  • Dutton Avenue on the east site of Dutton Avenue just south of Jennings Avenue. Pedestrian gap closure (2019/20) - District 5 - Complete
  • Pacific Avenue from Humboldt Street to Montecito Avenue. Pavement Rehabilitation project (2019/20) - District 4 - Complete
  • Piner Road between Coffey Lane and Range Avenue. Bicycle gap closure (2019/20) - District 6 - Complete
  • Corby Avenue Reconstruction - District 1 - Complete
*Projects in the 5-year plan pending City Council approval.

Additional SB1 Funded Projects Under Evaluation

  • Yolanda Avenue Reconstruction from Santa Rosa Ave. to Petaluma Hill Rd. - District 1
  • Sonoma Avenue Reconstruction from Farmers Lane to Hahman Drive - District 2

Statewide SB1 Funding Overview

​Statewide, SB1 is expected to generate more than $5 billion annually for road repairs, to fill potholes, make seismic safety improvements to bridges and overpasses, and repair local streets and freeways. Funding in SB1 is split equally between state and local governments. SB1 also includes accountability provisions and constitutional protections, such as the creation of the Office of Inspector General, to ensure the funding is spent wisely and on transportation projects only.

California has a backlog of $130 billion in needed road maintenance projects ($57 billion in state highways; $73 billion in local streets and roads). SB1 gives us an opportunity to catch up on years of unfunded maintenance needs that have plagued our roadways.