Pacific Avenue Pavement Reconstruction

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Pacific Avenue Reconstruction Map

This project will reconstruct Pacific Avenue between Humboldt Street and Montecito Avenue:

  • Reconstruct/update 37 curb ramps at intersections along Pacific Avenue between Humboldt Street and Montecito Avenue to meet State and Federal ADA accessibility standards.
  • Replace approximately 300 feet of sewer main.
  •  Replace water main, (45) water services and (6) hydrants    
  • Replace 0.7-miles of water main 
  • Replace 280 feet of storm drains and (9) catch basins  
  • Install pedestrian and traffic signal improvements      
  • Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) systems, pedestrian activated crosswalk warning devices at the intersections of King Street, Beaver Street and Elizabeth Way/Spring Street.  
  • Install three traffic signal video detection systems to improve traffic signal responses for vehicle and bicycle users at Humboldt Street, North Street and McDonald Avenue intersections.  

Project Updates

Update: 12.13.21

Primary effort for the project is nearing completion. Pavement striping is largely complete and the Project Team and Contractor are completing the final 'punch list' walks and reviews as weather permits. 
Traffic impacts are expected to be minimal moving forward as there may be a few items that require traffic control and flagging as quality control checks are completed on the project. Please continue to remain alert and drive with caution in the construction area as crews work to finalize this project.


Update: 11.15.21

Paving Operations on Pacific Avenue from King Street to Humboldt Street are scheduled to resume this week to complete the deep asphalt paving. On Saturday Nov. 20 and Monday Nov. 22, after the final deep asphalt paving is complete, the final surface pavement layer will be applied over the entire project area from Montecito Avenue to Humboldt Street. Crews are working to complete the scope of work within the next two weeks of forecasted dry weather. The construction activities are expected to be phased to allow traffic through the area, but please use alternate routes if possible. Street parking is expected to be affected.


Update: 11.4.21

The arrival of the rainy season is causing a pause in the pavement work on the Pacific Avenue Reconstruction project. The contractor has primarily completed the water main and sewer work, and now we are waiting for a couple of weeks of dry weather to complete the final paving effort.  Our priority task at this time is to complete the final surface layer of paving between King Street and Montecito Avenue since it only requires a couple of dry days. The deep asphalt section from King Street to Humboldt Street, where sewer and water main work were recently completed, requires additional days of dry weather and will most likely be rescheduled.


Update: 10.21.21

Paving work was suspended this week due to weather. Asphalt paving cannot be completed while it is raining or when both ground and air temperature are below 50 degrees. In addition, paving must also be delayed if it has rained recently enough for the ground to be wet. City staff are actively looking for ways to prepare for rescheduling and potentially rethink the paving operation specifications, as once the rain event subsides paving operations are not expected to immediately commence due to rescheduling of the asphalt and paving crew.

The next step in the project is to pave the remaining deep asphalt section of King Street to Humboldt Street, however, this specific project needs 5 consecutive days of dry pavement and temperatures above 50 degrees to apply the asphalt. Once the deep asphalt section of the paving operation is complete, the contractor will prepare for the final surface coat which is to be completed in 2 to 3 consecutive days over the entire project and has similar requirements to the base lift.


Update: 9.28.21

The contractor is continuing work to complete the last portion of water and sewer main replacements along Pacific Ave with an anticipated completion of October 15. Following completion of water and sewer main work, the contractor will finalize all surface paving for the entire project which is scheduled to be completed no later than November 19, or the week before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, permanent striping will be installed and other minor contract items finalized. Based on this schedule, the project team expects the project will be substantially complete before the end of December 2021.


Update: 9.16.21

Underground utility work will be ongoing between King Street and Humboldt Street and at other locations outside of the right of way for the next month. Following completion of underground utility work, the contractor will transition back to paving activities, starting with base paving on Pacific Avenue between King Street and Humboldt Street. Once base paving is complete, the contractor will finalize all surface paving for the entire project, which is scheduled to be completed not later than November 19th, or the week prior to Thanksgiving. Traffic delays are to be expected in the area, please avoid the construction area if possible.


Update: 9/2/21

Substantial completion of the paving operations from Montecito to King Street happened at the end of last week. The pavement in this area will remain lower than the adjacent roadway until the final pavement section can be placed over the entire project area.

The underground work between King Street and Humboldt Street was delayed due to material availability until this week, which has pushed out the paving operations in that area. Work has started on the underground and it is expected to continue through September. Traffic delays are be expected in the area, please avoid the construction area if possible.


Update: 8/9/21

Paving operations within the project area is anticipated to begin August 16, 2021 and will require approximately 8 weeks to complete. During the paving process, Pacific Avenue will remain open to thru traffic, however delays are to be expected, so motorists are advised to take alternate routes when possible. There will also be times when parking will be restricted within the project limit to allow construction crews full access to the roadway as well as to allow traffic to move through the work zone. No parking notices will be placed on the street 72 hours prior to the start of work and will remain until the work is complete.

Project Schedule

Complete Design June 2020
Begin Construction November 2020
Complete Construction February 2022
For more information please contact:
​          Lisa Welsh
​          Associate Civil Engineer
​          City of Santa Rosa
​          [email protected]
​          707-543-3909