Make a Donation

Why Donate?

Support the "Help 2 Others" program by making a donation today. The Help 2 Others programs provides financial assistance and water-use efficiency improvements to individuals and families having difficulty paying their water bills. You can help support a community member by signing up for a fixed monthly donation on your water bill or by making a one time donation.

100% of your donation supports the Help 2 Others program and is tax deductible. This program is funded by donations and funds not associated with revenue from water service rates and fees.

Make a Donation Online

To make a donation online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our Donation Page to sign-up to "Make a Monthly Donation on Water Bill".
  2. Complete the form and submit.

Send a One-Time Donation

To make a donation by mail, you can send a check payable to the City of Santa Rosa and include "Help 2 Others" in the memo. Send the check to:

Attention: Santa Rosa Water - Help 2 Others

City Hall Annex

90 Santa Rosa Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA, 95404