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The County of Sonoma has concluded the sale of the Chanate Campus on December 23, 2021, for private development purposes. The 71-acre Chanate campus was purchased by Eddie Haddad of Chanate Development Group, a newly formed LLC, for $15.05 million. See the County of Sonoma's press release for further details about the sale process for the property.

The City of Santa Rosa has jurisdiction over the development of this site by the Chanate Development Group, LLC. This includes authority over the environmental review process as well as all planning entitlements including but not limited to land use, development permits, and design review.

The following guidance is meant to support general inquiries as to the general scale, cost, and timing of developing the site; however, please note that a specific timeframe and list of necessary entitlements cannot be proctored until a specific proposal is evaluated.

A development proposal that encompasses the entirety of the Chanate Campus will likely be of a scale and level of environmental complexity that typically requires an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Project entitlements associated with a residential or mixed-use development may include the following:

  • Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting
  • Design Review (Concept)
  • Design Review (Major)
  • Hillside Development Permit (Major)
  • Conditional Use Permit (New Construction)
  • Tentative Map (Major Subdivision)
  • Rezoning
  • General Plan Amendment

In addition to entitlement and hearing costs, the City may also require a consultant Senior Planner be funded by the applicant to support efficient processing for the duration of the project.

Timeframe, Fees, and other Costs

The timeframe for a large-scale development on this site is approximately 18 to 24 months. Please refer to the city’s Fee Schedule for current fees. In general, the following are estimated processing fees for a project proposed on the Chanate Campus site:

  • $28,251 – Pre-EIR admin fee to cover request for proposal and contract process
  • $200,000 to $300,000 – EIR depending on scope
  • $30,000 to $45,000 – EIR admin fee of 15% of EIR contract
  • $1,145 – Neighborhood Meeting (each meeting; more than one may be required)
  • $1,480 – Design Review (Concept)
  • $22,935 – General Plan Amendment (Text or Diagram)
  • $13,969 – Rezoning (Map)
  • $34,317 –Tentative Map (Major Subdivision)
  • $10,263 – Hillside Development Permit (Major)
  • $18,261 – Conditional Use Permit (New Construction)
  • $17,807 – Design Review (Major)
  • $2,451 – Public Hearing – Planning Commission
  • $2,240 – Public Hearing – City Council
  • $2,451 – Public Hearing – Design Review Board

The staff time associated with facilitating a project of this scale is approximately 0.5 FTE Senior Planner for at least 18 months or approximately $140,000 depending on the length of contract. To ensure efficient processing, an applicant can provide the City with staff consultant funds to ensure that adequate staff resources remain available throughout the duration of the project. In addition, based on the scale of the project and extent of public noticing, there may be additional hard costs associated with additional meetings and/or mailings and/or notifications.

Applicant Contact
Lisa Mayo-DeRiso
President/CEO Mayo & Associate
[email protected]
Phone: 702-403-7779

  1. Kristinae Toomians

    Senior Planner

  2. Cassidy Anderson

    Senior Code Enforcement Officer

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