Traffic Bureau


The Traffic Bureau consists of three teams: the DUI Enforcement / Accident Investigation Team, the Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement Team, and the Downtown Enforcement Team (DET). They primarily work daytime hours.


The Traffic Bureau works in partnership with other law enforcement agencies in Sonoma County including a grant-funded program called "Avoid the 13.” This program is aimed at reducing the number of intoxicated and unlicensed drivers on the roadways by conducting sobriety checkpoints and special DUI enforcement efforts throughout the county.


The Traffic Bureau is comprised of two Sergeants, Police Officers, a Community Services Officer, and a Senior Administrative Assistant.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Education
  • Collision Investigation
  • DUI Enforcement and Awareness
  • Franchise Agreement for Vehicle Tow Services
  • Suspended License Enforcement
  • Vehicle Abatement
  • Vehicle Code Enforcement

Motorcycle Team

Officers assigned to the Motorcycle Team are primarily responsible for enforcing traffic laws. Their mobility makes them a unique enforcement tool and allows them to operate in traffic congested areas. The Motors work speed enforcement and address high collision and complaint areas around Santa Rosa.

DUI / Accident Investigators 

Officers assigned as DUI / Accident Investigators investigate serious injury and fatal collisions, as well as hit-and-run collisions. Two of the Accident Investigators are assigned to night-time hours concentrating on DUI enforcement.
Vehicle Abatement
A Community Services Officer (CSO) manages the city's vehicle abatement program. This program enforces City and Vehicle Codes so that residents keep their neighborhoods free from the eyesore of abandoned and inoperable vehicles.

To report a vehicle, call (707) 543-3594

Downtown Enforcement Team

The Downtown Enforcement Team patrols the downtown area on bicycles, enforcing City ordinances and State Penal Code violations.

Bike and motorcycle officers standing together