Storm Water Assessment

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What is the City of Santa Rosa’s Storm Water Assessment?

The Storm Water Assessment (SW Assessment) funding is dedicated to mitigate the impacts of pollution that storm water carries into the storm drain system and ultimately the creeks and waterways.  It does not provide funding to evaluate or upgrade the storm drain system. The SW Assessment is a charge placed on each parcel within city limits and is used for Storm Water & Creeks related projects and programs such as:

This Assessment is used for City of Santa Rosa Storm Water & Creeks related projects and programs including:

  • Compliance with Federal and State storm water quality requirements
  • Storm water quality testing and creek assessment
  • Mapping and evaluation of the storm drain system
  • Flood control improvements and projects, and maintenance of the storm drain system
  • Response to flooding issues in the community, or reports of pollution affecting creeks
  • Restoration of creeks and habitat
  • Creek Stewardship Program and creek cleanups
  • Public education materials, events, and activities for community members and children

For more detailed information regarding the Storm Water Assessment, please refer to “A Report to the City Council of the City of Santa on Storm Water Enterprise Charges, dated September 1996”.