1. NF_FS5 GB 07_2023

    Fire Station 5 Groundbreaking Ceremony

    On July 21, Santa Rosa City staff, along with local, State, and Federal partners celebrated the long-anticipated groundbreaking for the Fire Station 5 Resiliency and Relocation project. Read on...
  2. NF_Fire Station 5 Design Rendering

    Contract Awarded for Fire Station 5 Resiliency and Relocation Project

    The contract award includes the $15.2 million Design-Build contract, a 20% contract contingency, and the appropriation of the CDBG-MIT federal grant funding. Read on...
  3. Future Site of Fire Station 5

    Pre-Construction Site Preparations for the Future Site of Fire Station 5

    Although construction is not anticipated to begin until summer 2023, preparing the site by removing the trees now helps avoid the bird and bat nesting seasons. Read on...
  4. Envision Hopper Avenue Corridor Improvements

    City Launches 'Envision Hopper' Community Engagement Campaign

    Join us on Nov. 9 for the first community meeting to provide input on the Hopper Avenue Corridor Recovery and Improvements project. Read on...
  5. NF_Hopper Ave 2

    Hopper Avenue Corridor Recovery Improvements Project

    Join us for a Community Meeting on Nov. 9 at 5:30 pm as we envision roadway improvements for the Hopper Avenue Corridor Recovery. Read on...
  6. NF_Fir Ridge Park Play Structure

    Recovery Status for Six Fire Damaged Parks in Fountaingrove

    Recovery work that began in May 2022 on the Six Fire Damaged Parks is nearing completion, including installation of the play structures at Fir Ridge Park. Read on...
  7. NF_FD Roadway Landscaping 102022

    Recovery Work Begins on the Fire Damaged Roadway Landscaping Project

    After extensive delays, we are pleased to announce that recovery work for the Fire Damaged Roadway Landscaping project in Coffey Park and Fountaingrove areas is underway Read on...
  8. NF_Fire Damaged Roadway Landscaping Project Update

    Fire-Damaged Roadway Landscaping Project Recovery Update

    This recovery project will remove and replace portions of roadway landscaping, including irrigation infrastructure damaged in Fountaingrove and Coffey Park burn scar areas. Read on...
  9. NF_Recovery Project Update

    Recovery Update for Six Fire-Damaged Parks in the Fountaingrove Area

    Debris removal and restoration for all six fire-damaged parks and open space parcels in the Fountaingrove area began in May and due to the tight schedule, work is occurring concurrently at all six locations. Read on...
  10. Fire Recovery Park Projects

    Recovery Process to Start on Two Remaining Fire Damaged Park Projects

    The parks recovery process involves restoring six parks and open space parcels in the Fountaingrove area and removing fire damaged roadway landscaping and replacing the irrigation system damaged in the Fountaingrove and Coffey Park burn scar areas. Read on...
  11. Sewer Replacement Projects

    Caltrans/FHWA Approves $4.75M in Roadway Recovery Funding

    The roadway recovery funding will help restore portions of the City’s pavement network damaged following the 2017 Wildfire. Read on...
  12. NF_FS5 Rendering

    Property Acquisition Complete for Santa Rosa's New Fire Station 5

    Fire Station 5 Resiliency and Recovery project reached a major milestone with completion of the 2.11-acre land acquisition Read on...
  13. NF_Repairing Public Infrastructure v2

    Restoring City Amenities & Repairing Public Infrastructure

    The 2017 wildfires caused over $70 million in damage to critical water and transportation infrastructure, facilities, parks and open spaces, and more. Over the last four years, the City continues to repair and recover critical infrastructure. Read on...

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