Commuter Parking Permit

The Commuter Parking Permit offers a 50% discount on monthly permits in the 1st Street Garage (555 1st St).  This program is designed to promote commuter use of all transit operators in Sonoma County: SMART, Golden Gate Transit, Sonoma County Transit, and CityBus.

Current commuters can demonstrate transit usage by printing out or capturing a screen shot of your personal "transaction history" from your My Clipper account online, showing at least $25 per month in transit use ( Non Clipper Card users, taking part in the Santa Rosa Free Ride Trip Reduction Incentive Program (, and are purchasing the reduced price CityBus or Sonoma County Transit month pass, can qualify by noting your participation on the application.

This permit will be good for use in 1st Street Garage (555 1st St), adjacent to the Transit Mall and is a short bus ride to the Santa Rosa Downtown SMART station.

How to Enroll

Fill out the Commuter Parking Permit Application (below) and include necessary verification. Submit payment of $31 per month for permit. Monthly fees are due in advance, by the 23rd of the month in which the permit expires. Automatic payment by credit card is available.

How to Renew

Every three months, parkers need to submit verification of eligibility to the Parking Front Counter, located at 90 Santa Rosa Ave or scan verification via email to [email protected] For instance, a parker who starts in October needs to provide verification of current transit usage and then is eligible for the discounted permit through December. To renew, the parker would submit verification from the previous three months (in this case Oct, Nov, Dec) showing continuous commuter use. It is the parker’s responsibility to make note of his/her renewal period. If verification is not submitted, the parker’s account will be blocked.

Additional Information

An applicant must not have any outstanding parking citations with the City of Santa Rosa.
There is an initial, one time $10 access card set up charge.
The fee for a lost card is $15.


Map of CityBus Routes to DT SMART