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A tap room, brewery and passion project of Brewmaster Steve Doty, with a primary focus on using the wild yeast Brettanoymces to craft unique, tasty sour ales and IPAs. Well behaved humans over 21 are allowed, as are dogs on leashes. While food is served on site, patrons can bring their own to enjoy on the back patio.


420 First Street


[email protected]


Wednesday – Friday
3 pm – 9 pm

Saturday – Sunday
noon – 9 pm

did you choose to bring your specialty for sours to Santa Rosa?

I felt downtown Santa Rosa was in need of something different, and the location and layout of the building fit the bill. I needed a space that could house all of my barrels, have a space for the public, and an outdoor beer garden. Finding industrial space at the time was complicated due to all of the cannabis growers taking over. My building was zoned commercial, but priced industrial, so the price, space and layout all just clicked.

should an aspiring business approach taking those crucial first steps in starting a new business in the city?

Very cautiously. Costs were higher and timing took longer than I had hoped, even when taking into consideration what other people had warned about. Be prepared for unexpected obstacles. When they come up, try to balance the costs of those obstacles against your ultimate vision.