Glossary of Building Terms

All Resilient City zoned permits receive priority over all other building permit requests.  


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

ADUs are allowed with single family dwellings, and can be occupied prior to the completion of the single family dwelling.

 Internal Conversions for Accessory Dwelling Units

If a reconstructed residence is built to the previously permitted dimensions, without changing the footprint or square-footage of the original residence, an accessory dwelling unit may be incorporated into the interior, consistent with State law, and shall receive expedited review. The extent of the accessory dwelling unit shall be identified in the building permit submittal. All associated Impact Fees will be waived.

New Construction of Detached Accessory Dwelling Units

Construction of a new detached accessory dwelling unit will be allowed alongside the reconstruction of a single-family dwelling. Building permit applications for the new detached accessory dwelling unit will be processed based on application submittal date. Associated Impact Fees will be reduced or eliminated depending on the square footage of the additional unit.


Legal Nonconforming Structures

Buildings that were legally established, but do not adhere to current standards may be repaired or rebuilt as they were, provided they adhere to all local and state fire and building codes, are reconstructed in the same configuration, square-footage, height, and use as the original structure. All reconstruction must commence prior to October 9th, 2020 and pursue completion diligently.

Building Standards

All buildings must meet the requirement of current State and local building and fire codes.

Temporary Housing

Temporary housing - including trailers, recreational vehicles, manufactured homes, or tiny homes - are permitted on parcels that have received a building permit. They must meet water, wastewater, and electrical requirements, and must be removed prior to issue of occupancy.

Demo Application Fees Waved

All Demolition Applications for properties in the Resilient City zone will be expedited and all fees will be waived.

Planned Development Zoning Districts

To maintain neighborhood character and standards, any property in the new Resilient City Zoning areas that were previously zoned as a Planned Development will still comply with the existing development standards of the policy statement from the original “Planned Development” district. If the previous development standards in the Policy Statement are silent, or inconsistent with the current Zoning Code, the updated standards which are consistent with the General Plan land use designation for the parcel(s) may be utilized, as determined by the Director of Planning and Economic Development. Any requirement for discretionary planning permits, including, but not limited to, conditional use permit, design review or hillside development permit, shall be reviewed and approved by the Director of Planning and Economic Development. Any applicable discretionary planning permit fees will be waived.

Hillside Developments Approval

All parcels originally in Planned or Hillside Developments building new structures must comply with original design and development standards. Adherence to the standards, review, and approval will be determined by the Director of Planning and Economic Development. All application and review fees will be waived.

Hillside Development Removal of Public Hearing Requirement

All Design Review or Hillside Development structures that alter the originally permitted footprint or building height will be reviewed by the Director of Planning and Economic Development, who shall notify, by mail, all persons or entities set forth in Section 20.66.020(C)(1) 10 days prior to taking action. There will be no public hearing required.

Required Public Hearings

Any provisions not addressed here, and other than those within the jurisdiction of the Director of Santa Rosa Water or the Board of Public Utilities, will be under the authority of the Director of Planning and Economic Development.

Expedited Review Processes

Any new or reconstructed property that complies with all existing Hillside and Design standards, that previously require approval of the Design Review Board or Planning Commission, will now be reviewed at the discretion of the Director of Planning and Economic Development. Any applicable Hillside Development and Design Review application fees will be waived.

Final Map Requirements

New structures within the Resilient City Zoning Areas that would typically be subject to discretionary review with public hearing per the conditions of a Final Subdivision Map, will now be reviewed at the discretion of the Director of Planning and Economic Development. Applicable discretionary permit application fees shall be waived.