Type V Construction

Yellow Cottage Mock Up Drawing

Typical Type V Residential Construction

This package of information is a guide for single family dwellings under the 2007 California Building Code (CBC) in the City of Santa Rosa.

Type V refers to the type of construction which includes any materials (wood, concrete, steel etc.) permitted by the code.

The information conveys minimum requirements and is not a substitute for complete and accurate drawings conveying the proposed construction. The package includes the following:

Sample Drawing & Minimum Code Requirement Sheets

Typical Type V Residential Notes (PDF)

This portion of the package provides a written list of basic 2007 California Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire and Energy Code requirements, and relevant City of Santa Rosa Ordinance requirements, organized into the following sections:
  1. General comments, site and plan
  2. Garage comments
  3. Roof plan / reflected ceiling
  4. Overhangs / projections
  5. Light and ventilation comments
  6. Stair and guardrail
  7. Foundation comments
  8. Floor construction
  9. Wall construction
  10. Roof framing plan
  11. Decay/termite and moisture protection
  12. Fire-resistant materials and construction
  13. Wall finishes construction
  14. Fireplaces
  15. Electrical notes
  16. Plumbing notes
  17. Mechanical comments
  18. Energy efficiency standards