Zero Waste Master Plan

City of Santa Rosa Zero Waste Master Plan

 The City of Santa Rosa has partnered with R3 Consulting Group, Inc. to develop a unique Zero Waste Plan that is quantifiable, reasonable and impactful locally. Zero Waste is defined as a process and philosophy that involves a redesign of products and a redesign of consumption, so that all material goods can be reused or recycled – or not needed at all. Currently, over 25 jurisdictions in California have Zero Waste Plans or Resolutions and an additional 12 California communities are working toward creating a plan. By commissioning this work, Santa Rosa has joined a short list of innovators working to proactively address the global challenge of how to sustainably manage the waste generated as a by-product of our individual and collective consumption.

This draft Zero Waste Plan was developed with significant public input and engagement, including an online survey (from which we received hundreds of comments), several public workshops in English and Spanish, multiple stakeholder meetings, and two focus groups. Community engagement efforts sought community input about their ideas, questions, comments and concerns about Zero Waste as a concept and the practical means of reducing waste in Santa Rosa. As strategies were developed by the project team, we also shared those with the community, sought their input, and described why the proposed strategies were recommended for Santa Rosa.

The five recommended strategies include those that seek to stem the flow of waste at its source, establish increased requirements regarding community participation in recycling programs, maximize and enhance the diversion services provided to the City via the new contract with Recology, increase the amount of recovery from construction activities, and establish the City as a community leader in implementation of programs to change wasteful behaviors.

We are all in this together and this is why the City of Santa Rosa continues to seek community input and feedback. The draft Zero Waste Plan was placed online for a 30-day public comment period ending April 26, 2019. All comments will be summarized and revisions to the Plan will be made as appropriate. A final draft Plan is anticipated by May 2019. The final draft Plan will be presented to City Council to consider Plan adoption following an in-depth Study Session. Specific dates will be shared with the community once available. If adopted the City will have full discretion as to the specifics of Plan implementation, including associated timing and funding considerations. We appreciate Santa Rosa residents’ interest and dedication to waste reduction and sustainability.

Draft Zero Waste Master Plan
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