Meter Reservations

On street parking meters and spaces in off street parking lots can be reserved for construction, moving, or special events.  Please note the Parking Division will need the specific meter number when processing a request.  

  • On Street Spaces - Meter numbers can be found on the street side of the meter and have a "-" after the first or second character, for example 4-722 or ME-606.  
  • Surface Lot Spaces - If making a reservation for spaces in a lot, be as specific as possible or provide photos or images of the specific spaces you want reserved.  

Parking reservations should be made at least 72 hours in advance, Parking Counter Hours are Monday - Thursday, 9am - 12pm and 1pm to 4pm, closed Friday - Sunday.

Meter Reservation Rates

A meter reservation in the Value Area costs $12/space/day.
A meter reservation in the Premium Area costs $15/space/day.

Not sure if your reservation is subject to the Premium or Value rate? Check our downtown map which shows each area.

Meter Reservation Types

  • Reservations for construction use are limited to commercial licensed vehicles and large equipment. Typically an Encroachment Permit is needed. The Parking Division will require your Encroachment Permit number to process your meter reservations.  More info on Encroachment Permits can be found here.
  • Per Santa Rosa City Code 11-24.090
  • If you will be moving and want to be parked as close as possible to your business, a meter reservation can secure specific spots. The spaces will be labeled as "No Parking" so other vehicles will not take your spot on the day you have a reservation.
Special Events
  • Special Event meter reservations are handled through the Special Event Permit process. You can start your Special Event Permit request at