By-Right Housing

In response to a statewide housing shortage, the State of California has enacted several new laws that enable eligible housing projects to be constructed by-right throughout the State of California.

Projects under review in Santa Rosa:

For SB 35

Currently none

For SB 9

Approved by-right housing projects

Under SB 35

Under SB 9

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for development in Santa Rosa?

Qualifying residential projects will be reviewed through a streamlined process. This process has specified time frames and allows for a staff-level approval.

What standards do projects need to meet?

The City has numerous development standards, including Objective Design Standards, that apply to all residential developments processed through these streamlined processes. The Objective Design Standards, adopted by the Council in 2019, were developed to ensure superior architecture design, sensitive site planning, and neighborhood compatibility, within the confines of a ministerial review process.

What are the mandatory timelines for project review?

State law defines timelines for these streamlined ministerial review processes. 

  • Senate Bill 35 (as amended by SB 765) - Project review must be completed within 90 days for 150 or fewer units and 180 days for projects with more than 150 units, measured from the date the application is submitted.  
  • Assembly Bill 2162 - Project review must be completed within 60 days for 50 or fewer units and 120 days for projects with more than 50 units, from the date the application is submitted.   

What noticing will be done?

This webpage will serve as the primary source for project information and will be updated regularly.

Will there be public meetings?

Generally speaking, the City will not conduct any public meetings or hearings about these projects.

Is environmental review required?

These residential projects are exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


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