Submit a Complaint

Code Enforcement case loads are public-complaint driven, with staff reviewing all complaints to determine priority level as they are submitted. Complaints receive higher priority based on several factors, including if they are immediately life-threatening. To assist the city with expediting all complaint request, please follow the directions below.

Step 1
Check if the property is currently in the process of a Code Enforcement complaint

To assist the city with reviewing complaints promptly, it is important for residents to review if a similar complaint on the property has already been received.

To determine if the property is currently under review by Code Enforcement, access the Citizen Portal to search for open enforcement cases. In addition, you can also search permit applications to review the permit status to see if the construction being done has been permitted by the city, or if the permit is considered "active."

If there is a current open complaint, there are two options:

  1. If the open complaint matches your complaint, there is no need to file yours as the Code Enforcement office is already aware of the issue.
  2. If the open complaint does not match your complaint, reach out directly to the Code Enforcement officer listed on the complaint in Citizen Portal to add yours to the existing complaint.

If the property has no Code Enforcement complaint or no active permit, then continue to Step 2.

Step 2
Determine if the property is in violation of a City Code

After accessing the Citizen Portal and determining that there is no active Code Enforcement case or permit, residents can take the step to request a complaint. Prior to filing, review the City Code to determine how and if the property is violating the City Code. As many activities are permissable or not based on the zone the property resides, you can also view the the City zoning map to make a determination on the nature of the complaint.

To submit a complaint, complete the online Code Investigation Request Form. You will be asked to provide the address of the property where the suspected violation is located, the nature of the violation, and your contact information. Anonymous complaints are not accepted, but be assured that complainant information is kept confidential.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the Code Investigation Request Form. Once completed, you can send it to the City by:

Step 3 (if necessary)
Check the status of the complaint

You will receive a confirmation message from Code Enforcement indicating your complaint was received. It is then given a case number and assigned to a Code Enforcement Officer. The first inspection or letter (notification of receipt of complaint) is sent out within two weeks.

Check the status of complaints using the Citizen Portal. If you have additional questions please email [email protected].