Resolving a Violation

If a violation is identified, the property owner will be contacted and required to remove the violation and/or obtain permits. Depending on the nature of the violation, property owners will be given a time frame in the Code Enforcement notification to correct the violation.

Compliance is Our Goal

Code Enforcement uses a variety of tools to help achieve compliance. 

Education   Our primary option is education, since many individuals may be unaware that they have a violation. Our team will work with the responsible party to provide a time frame to resolve the issue(s) without a penalty.

Administrative Citations for non-compliance, in the amount of $100 - $500.

Civil Penalties  This remedy is used for major violations. Penalties of up to $500 per day, per violation may be assessed after an administrative hearing.

Abatement   This remedy is used where the City need to abate a public nuisance. Unpaid costs can result in a property lien.

Judicial Remedies  For certain cases, criminal prosecution or civil injunction may be sought.

Code Enforcement Steps

  • Visual exterior inspection or Consent to Inspect letter mailed for interior inspection
  • Notice of Violation Letter mailed (reasonable time given to resolve violation)
  • Failure to Abate Letter mailed (reasonable time given to resolve violation)
  • Notice of Non-Compliance recorded on property title
  • Administrative Hearing to serve fines and penalties for violations on property
  • Courtesy and Violation letters clearly state alleged/confirmed violation(s) and provide required steps to resolve the violation(s). 
  • Permit to resolve violation can be obtained through Planning and Economic Development upon approval of assigned Code Enforcement Staff.
  • To close a case, a compliance inspection is required after violation has been resolved.

Permit Resources

Permit Santa Rosa

Building Permit Information

Encroachment Permit Information

Check the Status of a Complaint or Permit

Access the Citizen Portal to search open Enforcement cases or to search Permit applications/permits.