Weather Warnings

Red flag being raised at fire station

Red Flag Warnings

A Red Flag Warning means that there is an increased risk for fire danger due to warm temperatures, very low humidity and stronger winds. Avoid outdoor activities that could strike a fire during a Red Flag Warning.

What to do to prepare your family and your property for fire season

  • Avoid mowing or trimming dry grass on a Red Flag Warning Day (Mow before 10 AM on a day when it’s not excessively hot and dry.
  • Thoroughly extinguish all cigarettes and smoking material.
  • Don’t pull over or park in tall dry grass.
  • Use spark arrestors on portable gasoline powered equipment to avoid an accidental fire.
  • Properly maintain vehicles to prevent starting fires along roads due to sparks or flammable materials being spit out from the catalytic converter system.
  • Ensure trailer chains are secured and don’t drag on the ground.
  • Keep your cell phone turned on at all times to receive emergency alerts.
  • Sign up to receive emergency notifications at  SoCoAlert will be used to send an emergency notification if there is an imminent threat to life or property.
  • Have an evacuation and family emergency plan ready.
  • The following resources offer guidance on preparing your home for fire season:

City Preparations for Emergency Response During Fire Season

During fire season, we want residents to be aware of the ways that Sonoma County public safety officials will be monitoring and responding to conditions in the field to help protect our community, including the use of advanced warning fire cameras, up-staffing firefighting resources during Red Flag Warnings, through the use of public alert and warning tools. 

Red Flags Fly at all Fire Stations During Red Flag WarningsThe Santa Rosa Fire Department, along with fire agencies across Sonoma County, has implemented a new fire weather flag system to help increase community awareness during times of critical fire weather. If the National Weather Service issues a Red Flag Warning for the City’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) area and/ or any other impacted portion of the City, all City of Santa Rosa Fire Stations will fly a red flag throughout the duration of the weather event to signify to the community that the area is forecasted to experience critical wildfire weather conditions. 

Advanced Warning Fire Cameras:  Over the last year, a network of advanced-warning fire cameras have been installed in strategic vantage point areas throughout Sonoma County. The cameras are used 24/7 by fire and dispatch agencies to monitor fires in and around Sonoma County, and can also be viewed online by the public. The cameras will allow for greater advanced notice and situational awareness of a fire threat even when the fire starts in a neighboring jurisdiction.

View the cameras at

Up-staffing Fire Resources on Red Flag Days:  During a Red Flag Warning, which signifies critical fire weather conditions, Sonoma County fire agencies now work in partnership to up-staff firefighters and fire-fighting equipment to actively patrol areas specified as high-fire risk areas during a declared weather event. This action will allow for quicker and more immediate onsite resources in the event of a fire threat.


Emergency Notification Tools:  In the event of an emergency, the City will use multiple notification and warning systems to make sure emergency alerts are delivered to the people who need the information. It’s important that every resident is aware of these systems, is subscribed to the ones that require registration, and understands how each system works to deliver critical messages to recipients. Make sure you know your alerts:  English  |  Spanish