Security Camera Registry

Register Your Cameras and Help Make Santa Rosa Safer

Security cameras are popular tools to keep your home or business safe and sound. They can also help police solve crimes. Even if a crime does not occur at your address, your security camera may be able to identify a suspect, a license plate, or corroborate witness statements. When you register your security camera system with the Santa Rosa Police Department, you help make Santa Rosa a safer place.

How the Registry Works:

SRPD’s Security Camera Registry is a confidential list of homes and businesses located within the City of Santa Rosa who have at least one security camera recording video or audio outdoors. In the event of a crime, police will refer to this list to identify cameras in the vicinity of the crime. If there is a registered camera in the area, police will contact the security camera registrant and request security camera footage that can help solve the crime. SRPD does not have the ability to monitor nor has direct access to any audio or video footage. Participation in the Security Camera Registry is entirely voluntary, and registrants may request to be removed at any time.

Why Register Your Cameras?

Traditionally, when a crime occurs, police go to the scene of the crime and canvas the area for security cameras that may have footage of the crime. While investigators are thorough, hidden or smaller cameras may be missed, and valuable evidence of the crime overlooked. With SRPD’s Security Camera Registry, police will know exactly where cameras are and more efficiently conduct investigations.

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