Property For Sale

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Information about City-owned properties for sale will be posted on this page when there are available properties. At this time, the City of Santa Rosa does not currently have any properties available for sale.

Property for Sale

Property that is surplus to the City’s needs may be processed for sale. Property offerings are conducted periodically and are based on various factors including public interest, convenience, and necessity. All surplus property is valued before it is offered for sale and follows the City Council and State Surplus Policy process. Property offered for sale by means of an auction or sealed bid shall be offered at a minimum acceptable bid, as established by the Right of way Agent. The minimum acceptable bid shall be at least 75% of the appraised value. If no bids are received, or no bids are deemed acceptable, then the Right of way Agent shall reanalyze the value and minimum bid prior to offering the property for sale again.

City-owned property for sale shall be posted in the listing feature below at least one week prior to bid deadline.

Visit City-Owned Surplus Land for more information.