Property for Lease

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Information about properties for lease will be posted on this page when there are available properties. 

Property for Lease

The City may lease available City-owned property to individuals, corporations, partnerships or not-for-profit organizations. Sites are offered with terms and special use requirements specific to the unique nature of each property.

City-owned surplus property for lease shall be posted in the Property for Lease listing below with the time and place for receiving and opening of sealed bids. All bids shall be submitted under sealed cover.

The City Manager or their designated representative is authorized to approve and execute leases; provided that, where the income or expenses payable under any such agreement exceeds $100,000, it shall be approved by the City Council. See Council Leasing policy 000-67.

Property that is managed by the Water Enterprise Fund is under the authority of the Board of Public Utilities, which authority is designated by City Council.

Use of Third-Party Agents

The City, may at times, utilize the services of a third-party property management company or brokerage company to purchase, sell or rent property owned by the City. The third-party agent may assist the City in all aspects of acquiring, selling or leasing property