Minimum Wage

Effective July 1, 2020, Santa Rosa implemented a $15/hour minimum wage ordinance in advance of the state minimum wage timeline. Per that ordinance, and reflecting the annual CPI-W adjustment, starting January 1, 2022, the new minimum wage rate will be $15.85 for all businesses regardless of size.

Please post this downloadable notice alongside your workplace postings (available in English and Spanish). The California Department of Industrial Relations requires employers to post information related to wages, hours and working conditions in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday.

2022 Official Notice

Minimum Wage Official Notice 2022: English and Spanish Opens in new window

Overview of Santa Rosa minimum wage hourly rate and timeline in comparison with the State:

Santa Rosa
Start Date26 or more employees
25 or fewer26 or more25 or fewer
Jan. 1, 2022$15.85$15$14
Jan. 1, 2023+ CPI-W$15
Jan. 1 2024 and
every subsequent Jan. 1
+ CPI-W each year
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