WaterSmart Check-up

WaterSmart Check-up (1)

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Did you know that Santa Rosa Water customers are eligible for a FREE home or business WaterSmart check-up?  Following your comprehensive WaterSmart check-up, your Santa Rosa Water technician will provide you with a customized report and WaterSmart recommendations.

FREE WaterSmart Check-up Includes:

  • Check water meter for movement indicating a leak
  • Check all water using fixtures for leaks
  • Free kitchen and faucet aerators if needed
  • Check clothes washer for efficiency
  • Check kitchen faucet for flow rate
  • Check toilets for flush volume
  • Test toilets for leaks
  • Check bathroom faucets for flow rate
  • Check showerheads for flow rate
  • Review irrigation controller settings
  • Review the irrigation system for efficiency
  • Offer recommendations for efficient watering schedule specific to your house or business
  • Review eligibility for rebates
  • Customized report detailing all recommendations and information about rebates and incentives

* Must be a Santa Rosa resident. Homeowner or tenant must be present during the check-up.

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  • Free
  • Easy to schedule
  • Offers free aerators and showerheads
  • Takes only an hour
  • Open to homeowners AND renters

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