National Arts Program

The National Arts Program® exhibit and competition is designed to honor the creativity which lies in us all. This program provides local artists of all ages with a forum to showcase their artistic accomplishments and encourages artistic growth through scholarships and awards. 

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The National Arts Program exhibit and competition is open to City of Santa Rosa residents of all ages and skill levels. Registration to participate in the 2023 annual exhibit opens December 2022.

2022 Award Recipients:

Adult Amateur
1st Place: Boyd Edwards

2nd Place: Jacqueline Smith

3rd Place: Linda Ward

Teen (13 – 18)

1st place: Hailey Jacobe

2nd place: Emma Chen

3rd place: Ailani Murphy


Adult Intermediate

1st Place: Darren Kosta

2nd Place: Ari Thomas

3rd Place: Shirley Phillips


Youth (12 and under)

1st place: Grace Gilley

2nd place: Felix Smith

3rd place: Wyatt Domenici

Adult Professional

1st Place: Barrie Sterling

2nd Place: Lorna Ho

3rd Place: Emily McCauley



Art Education Award: Jungyeon Lee

Best of Show: Donald Pitts 



Art Supply Gift Certificate Winners (all ages and categories)

  • Lyra Eberly, Youth 
  • Isadora Page, Teen 
  • Kathleen Connors, Amateur 
  • Ken Hutchins Jr, Intermediate 
  • Anne Baumgartner, Professional

The National Arts Program was established in 1985 by The National Arts Foundation to inspire, acknowledge and reward creative accomplishments throughout the nation. The program began as a pilot project in Philadelphia and has extended nationally to include over 90 exhibitions in more than 30 states. The concept of The National Arts Program is to provide an uninhibited opportunity for all people to present their talents, at whatever level, in a public exhibition, free to artists and the public. To learn more about this program, visit The National Arts Program website at

For questions, contact Jessica Rasmussen at 707-543-4674 or [email protected].