Health Orders

Orders of the State of California

Reopening California

California is moving Beyond the Blueprint to safely and fully reopen the economy.

As of June 15, 2021, the Governor terminated the executive orders that put into place the Stay Home Order and the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. He also phased out the vast majority of executive actions put in place since March 2020 as part of the pandemic response, leaving a subset of provisions that facilitate the ongoing recovery.

The new public health order effective June 15, 2021 supersedes all prior health orders. The order has limited restrictions, only related to masking and mega-events, as well as settings serving children and youth pending an expected update to the K-12 schools guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Restrictions that ended on June 15, 2021 include:

  • Physical distancing
  • Capacity limits on businesses
  • County tier system

Read the Governor’s orders: N-07-21 and N-08-21. Find details in the California Department of Public Health’s Beyond the Blueprint for Industry and Business Sectors and the Questions & Answers.

In Response to New CDC Guidelines, CDPH Recommends Masking for Public Indoor Settings to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 and the Delta Variant

In response to the spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and new CDC guidance calling for masking measures to prevent the spread of the highly transmissible and deadly Delta variant, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated its Guidance for Face Coverings, recommending mask use for indoor public settings, regardless of vaccination status.

Useful Resources

Governor Signs Executive Order to Expedite Cal/OSHA’s Revised Workplace Masking Guidance

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an executive order that will expedite Cal/OSHA’s revised workplace masking and social distancing prevention requirements. This order follows an approval vote by Cal/OSHA on workplace guidelines that occurred earlier today. This order now puts workplaces in-line with guidelines from the California Department of Public Health, which ended most mask rules for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 on June 15, 2021. While all social distancing requirements have been dropped, fully vaccinated employees are no longer required to wear masks indoors at their places of work, except where required by the state (such as public transit) or if required by their employers. Employees who are not vaccinated must continue to wear masks indoors or where required by their employer. In addition, employers must document which employees are vaccinated by allowing employees to self-report on their inoculation status, as well as provide testing and approved face coverings, such as N95 masks, to unvaccinated workers. READ MORE

Orders of the Sonoma County Health Officer 

The County’s Health Orders and Guidance are updated as needed based on changing State requirements and current local needs as determined by the County Health Officer. See links below for Sonoma County health orders in effect, as well as health orders no longer in effect.

Order of the Health Officer (C19-25): Wearing of Face Coverings in Workplaces and Public Settings

  • Date of Order: August 2, 2021
  • Under the Authority of the California Health and Safety Code Sections 101040, 101085, and 120175, the County of Sonoma Health Officer Orders:
    • All individuals to wear face coverings when indoors in workplaces and public settings, with limited exemptions, and recommends that businesses make face coverings available to individuals entering the business.
    • This Order directs that face coverings shall be worn, regardless of vaccination status, over the mouth and nose, in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, and workplaces, such as, but not limited to: offices, retail stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, family entertainment centers, conference centers, schools, daycares, and State and local government offices serving the public.
  • Governmental entities, businesses, venue operators, hosts, and others responsible for the operation of indoor public settings must:
    • Require all employees, contractors, visitors, and patrons to wear face coverings for all indoor settings, regardless of their vaccination status; and
    • Post clearly visible and easy-to-read signage at all entry points for indoor settings to communicate the masking requirements to all patrons.
    • A governmental entity, business owner, or operator may, to the extent authorized by law, refuse admission or service to any customer or visitor who fails to wear facial coverings. In addition, those responsible for indoor public settings are strongly encouraged to provide face coverings at no cost to individuals required to wear them.
    • A “business” for purposes of this Order includes any for-profit, non-profit, religious or educational entity, whether a corporate entity, organization, partnership or sole proprietorship, and regardless of the nature of the service, the function it performs, or its corporate or entity structure.
  • Individuals are not required to wear face coverings in the following circumstances:
    • Persons who are working alone in a closed office or room;
    • Persons who are actively eating and/or drinking;
    • Persons swimming or showering in a fitness facility;
    • Persons who are obtaining a medical or cosmetic service involving the head or face for which temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to perform the service;
    • Persons who are specifically exempted from wearing face coverings pursuant to other CDPH guidance.
  • Where a conflict exists between this Order and any state or federal public face covering order related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the most restrictive provision (i.e., the more protective of public health) controls.

Order of the Health Officer (No. C19-22): Public Health Emergency Quarantine Order for COVID-19

  • Date of Order: June 4, 2021 (Supersedes Order No. C19-18-QR)
  • Under the Authority of the California Health and Safety Code Sections 101040, 101085, and 120175, the County of Sonoma Health Officer Orders:
    • All persons who must quarantine under the Quarantine Guidance, attached to this Order, should carefully review and closely follow all requirements. They should also carefully review all requirements listed in the “Home Quarantine Instructions,” posted on 
    • Any person who must quarantine under the Quarantine Guidance must stay in their home, or another residence, for the entirety of their quarantine period because they are at high risk for developing and spreading COVID-19. Quarantined persons may not leave their place of quarantine, or enter any other public or private place, except to receive necessary medical care or during an emergency that requires evacuation to protect the health and safety of the person.
    • If a quarantined person becomes sick with fever (fever is a body temperature of 100.4F, or higher), cough, shortness of breath, or any other symptom consistent with COVID-19 (even if their symptoms are very mild), they should isolate themselves at home and away from other people in accordance with Blanket Isolation Order (C19-16-I) and follow the “Home Isolation Instructions,” posted on This is because they are likely to have COVID-19, and if so, can spread it to vulnerable people. If a medical professional determines, based upon testing for COVID-19, that their symptoms are not due to COVID-19, then the person may discontinue home isolation but shall continue to follow the Quarantine Guidance.
    • Notwithstanding the foregoing, first responder agency workers who are close contacts of a Case are not subject to this Order under the following circumstances:
      • The worker informs their employer about the worker’s close contact to a lab-confirmed Case;
      • The worker is asymptomatic, and the worker’s employer determines that the essential operations of the workplace would be compromised by quarantine of the worker and that no alternate staff can perform the same role.
      • The worker receives a negative test for COVID-19 prior to returning to work;
      • The worker receives a second test for COVID-19 anytime between day-8 and day-10 from the last date that they were in contact with the Case;
      • The worker must monitor their temperature and symptoms daily and report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to their employer, wear full PPE including facemasks while working, avoid any invasive procedures while working during their quarantine period, and the worker may only go from home-to-work until 14-days from the last date that they were in contact with the Case.
      • If the worker develops any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or receives a positive test for COVID-19, within 14-days from the last date that they were in contact with the Case, then they must isolate and comply with Section 4 above.

Order of the Health Officer (No. C19-16-I): Updated Isolation Order

  • Date of Order: July 22, 2020 (Supersedes Order No. C19-12-I)
  • Under the Authority of the California Health and Safety Code Sections 101040, 101085, and 120175, the County of Sonoma Health Officer Orders all individuals who have COVID-19 or are likely to have COVID-19 must immediately take the following actions:
    • Isolate themselves in their home, another residence, or a location offered by the County.
    • Follow all required listed in the Home Isolation Instructions for People Diagnosed with or Likely to Have COVID-19.
    • Tell their close contacts that they need to quarantine themselves and refer them to the Home Quarantine Instructions. Close contacts may include people who live in, visited, or have stayed overnight at the individual's residence; are intimate sexual partners of the individual; worked within six feet of the individual; provide care to the individual without wearing a mask, a face shield or googles, gown or gloves; or have been identified as close contacts by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services.
    • Close contacts must isolate themselves for a period of 48 hours before symptoms begin (or in absence of symptoms, 48 hours before the date the test sample of the positive test was collected) and can end isolation if the conditions described in Paragraph 9 of the Order are met.
  • The period of isolation of a person ends will be one of the following: 
    • Persons with a positive test who never develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must isolate for 10 days from date of their positive test (which is the date the test sample was collected).
    • Persons who are isolating because they are likely to have COVID-19 based on symptoms, but have not tested or are awaiting test results, may end their period of isolation if they test negative for COVID-19. If the person never tests for COVID-19, the person’s period of isolation is the same as the person with symptoms and a positive test in subsection 9(c).
    • Persons with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and a positive test must isolate until:
      • At least 24 hours have passed since recovery, defined as resolution of both fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) without the use of fever-reducing medications; and
      • Improvement of symptoms; and
      • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms started.
  • These persons are required to follow all instructions in this Order and the Home Isolation and Quarantine Instructions guidance documents referenced in this Order.
  • Persons subject to Isolation Order C19-12-I must continue to comply with the terms of that order.

Order of the Health Officer: County of Sonoma has declared a Local Public Health Emergency

  • Date of Order: March 2, 2020
  • The County of Sonoma has declared a Local Public Health Emergency as well as a Local Emergency to respond to COVID-19. These proclamations will allow the County to prepare to respond for the possibility of community spread of COVID-19. This includes a partial activation of the County Emergency Operations Center to support necessary activities.