Evacuation Routes

When disaster strikes, residents may be asked to evacuate their homes. Depending on the emergency, the safest route out of your neighborhood may not be the typical route you would take. It’s important to know all of the ways out of your neighborhood and take actions now to be better prepared in the event you have to leave your home. Use the evacuation tools and resources on this site to help your family better prepare for evacuation.

Know Your Ways Out

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Click the search box below and type in your address to learn all the recommended ways out of your neighborhood. A link to a PDF of your evacuation planning area will appear on the screen, which you may download and print. Depending on the emergency and conditions, any of these routes could potentially be used as an evacuation route by public safety officials in the event of an emergency.

Notes about the map: If you reside within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and in designated areas around the WUI, your map displays all of the recommended routes leading out of your neighborhood area to the major travel routes that may be used during an evacuation. If you reside outside of the WUI or other designated areas, your map will display the major travel routes that may be used during an evacuation.

You can find your neighborhood’s Evacuation Planning Area Map in the searchable map tool above OR select from the lists of neighborhoods/ geographical areas below: